by Stephen Garner

Eleventy unveiled its new autumn/winter 2021 menswear collection in Milan this weekend.

This season, the Italian brand takes a modern, sporty approach to style in a new concept called “reflective elegance.” “It is an elegance designed for oneself; it is a new way of thinking and being in the world that changes and renews itself,” said Marco Baldassari, founder and creative director of menswear at the Eleventy Group. “This is the meaning of the new Reflective Elegance, a symbol of our contemporaneity, addressed to a man who wants to be comfortable with himself and who, inspired to improve his life even when he wears clothes, draws his natural elegance between aesthetics and functionality.”

Simplicity and relaxation reflect the identity of the new men’s collection. The choice of fabrics has been designed for “indoor” clothing, giving preference to lightweight materials perfect also for “smart working.” New tones of cream, honey, ash grey were used this season, as well as dusty geranium and saffron yellow.

Special, unique, and above all fashion, the outerwear is made of “double” fabrics, extremely light and unlined fabrics that require an average of 14 hours of expert hand-craftswomen of Eleventy and make us proud of our Italian know-how.

The jackets are interpreted with over shirts proposed as an alternative to the formal jacket, as well as sweaters that become comfortable jackets while maintaining a slightly less rigorous style, but still professional.

The silhouettes take on softer volumes for greater comfort. The pleats in the pants will be a must-have, as well as the jogger pants and the tailored denim.

The knitwear enhances the textured effect and the use of the “seamless” technique allows to save all that yarn that would be discarded. Garments with an unmistakable softness and a light feel due to the unique wool-cashmere blend, for braided sweaters, then gauzed and combed, and combined with tennis details in contrasting weight.

Even the ribbed zippered bomber jackets are gauzed and doubled internally with a very fine knit, giving a sense of preciousness and care also for the inside.

And, “Mountain Resort,” is a new capsule designed for the coldest season and for the mountains that is sporty but conveys a sophisticated luxury: precious shearling, wool, and cashmere sweaters with braiding and refined treatments, padded nylon jackets, and vests, together with the researched accessories, to inspire a refined luxury.