Emerging Brands Grabbing Share Of The Retail Wellness Market

by MR Magazine Staff

CPG companies are faltering as they fail to meet consumers’ growing demand for healthier foods. Last week, Kraft Heinz, Campbell Soup and Nestlé all cited demand for healthier options as hindering growth in the past year. This is a sign of a greater trend in the consumer market, not just for healthier foods but for goods and services that promise a healthier lifestyle. An emerging rank of new companies are moving swiftly to fill the void and grabbing market share that the traditional companies have left open. Wellness today is not just a trend or a fad; it’s a way of life for more and more people. “Wellness is an approach to living life that is becoming as second nature as brushing teeth,” says Kelsey Groome, managing director at TRAUB, the global development group, and author along with associate Katie Guiheen, of a new Wellness Journey report. “Brands that will have the biggest impact are ones that will make it accessible to more people to live a balanced life in mind, body and soul.” The report maps out eight major segments in the wellness market – fitness, meal programs, supplements and vitamins, eateries, juicing, spa, beauty and mediation – and identifies 100+ companies that are trailblazing in each of those segments. Read more at Forbes.