by Stephen Garner

Emporio Armani is focusing on sustainability this season with a new eyewear collection made of eco-friendly materials.

The focus on sustainability is reflected through product design and construction, the use of recycled materials, and the brand’s continued initiatives planned throughout the upcoming year.

The sun and optical styles are created from bio-acetate materials derived mainly from renewable sources with partially bio-based sun lenses. The collection’s display materials and packaging are also designed with minimal impact in mind. They are produced with 100 percent recyclable FSC paper and cardboard. The product packaging is made from materials such as recycled polyester. No part of the process has been left untouched.

This campaign, shot in Milan, attained EMA Gold Seal Green certification from the Environment Media Association. A sustainable agenda set early in the shoot production ensured considerable savings were made in resources and a consequent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Those remaining were then offset by supporting Agrocortex, a REDD+ off-setting project aimed at preserving biodiversity and combating climate change.

The styles will retail from $176 and will be available at armani.com and in stores.