ERL Fall 2022 Menswear Collection

Vogue says Eli Russell Linnetz is “an engaging designer to watch.” We couldn’t agree more. —JJ

At the LVMH Prize showroom, where he numbered among the 2022 semi-finalists, Eli Russell Linnetz wore a pale blue turtleneck printed with the word sun, straight-leg jeans, and thick skateboarding sneakers all of his own design. A friend in attendance wrote me later about how charming Linnetz is, but said that they didn’t really understand his collection. “It’s just skate clothes?” they texted, confused. Across Paris, outside Dover Street Market’s 35-37 showroom-cum-presentation space, crowds gathered at the entrance to discuss Linnetz’s new installation—a pile of tires aflame in front of a poster for his new Guess Jeans collection featuring a leather jacket and bare ass. Read more at Vogue.