Ernesto Avenia Is The High-Stakes Fashion Fixer You’ve Likely Never Heard Of

You don’t know his name, because that’s how this generally works. But in certain circles he’s the guy if you want your brand made in Italy: Ernesto Avenia, a Bic-bald, 45-year-old Bolognese dude, with a flexing-ass Instagram and a job nobody gets. “Honestly I have no idea what he does,” says 20-year friend Brendon Babenzien, designer of prep-meets-streetwear giant Noah. “When we get together we just hang out and talk about clothes.” In fact, unless you have a reason to do business with him, you’d never know he exists. “I guess you could say he’s a contract killer,” says designer Jon Buscemi, whose Buscemi shoes are constructed from butter-soft leather and 18kt gold-plated hardware—all made in Italy. Avenia hooked Buscemi up with the producers who make those shoes, as well as the mills and manufacturers for his brand’s full line of apparel. He also personally designs Buscemi ready-to-wear, though Avenia’s name is not advertised in any way. Read more at Esquire.