by Stephen Garner

Shirt specialist Eton is taking the next step in its omnichannel journey – launching ‘endless aisle’ in retail partner stores.

Through its digital, web-based application endless aisle, Eton can now give customers access to its full product selection via its retail partners’ stores – removing all barriers imposed by space or storage limitations. The application has been in a testing phase at Eton brand stores since 2020 and has now been developed for implementation through its retail partners, allowing them to seamlessly integrate the off- and online assortment, providing a shopping experience beyond the in-store offering. The concept has already been successfully introduced in a handful of wholesale stores, and the next step is to launch the application with additional partners.

Endless aisle offers access to an extended online assortment, with real-time stock data, product images, and descriptions. Shirts and accessories will be ordered via the individual store but can be shipped either to the store or directly home to the end consumer.

“Endless aisle brings the flexibility of an online sales channel into brick-and-mortar stores. Our goal is to create a first-class customer shopping experience that meets the demand of today’s modern customer – regardless of channel,” said Erik Wilkinson, chief sales officer at Eton. “Together with our partners, we can now offer customers a seamless shopping experience – combining the service and expertise of sales advisors, with and an unlimited assortment that is available 24/7.”