by Stephen Garner
Dennis Muße, Campaign Manager, Düsseldorf

In the spirit of physical distancing, Eton has started an initiative to emphasize the importance of staying at home to help limit the spread of COVID-19, while making a positive contribution to people in need.

The Eton family now invites its community into their daily lives to discover how they work from home – in style – and encourages them to do the same. For every social media post, tagged under the @etonshirts Instagram, with hashtags #workfromhome and #meandmyeton, Eton will donate a shirt or an accessory to New York-based not-for-profit social enterprise Career Gear, to support people in need.

The enterprise empowers men to find success and re-enter the workforce, regardless of the obstacles that held them back in their past. Career Gear’s mission is to provide men with the tools they need to successfully achieve financial independence and become stronger members of their communities. For more than 20 years the enterprise has worked to boost confidence for improved employment outcomes through image presentation and through different activities including guest speakers, yoga and tech talks.

Following the collaboration with the New York-based enterprise, Eton will extend the support to local charity organizations in other areas of the world.