Even After Pandemic Retail, Shopping Trends May Change

Friday, Texas rolls out its “retail to go” model as the state moves toward reopening the state. Retail analysts think this “pick-up retail” could be a precursor to sweeping and lasting changes to shopping trends. “We will see an increase in what I call clicks to bricks,” said Erik Rosenstrauch, retail marketing analyst with FUEL Partnerships. “So, people using apps to make a purchase and then go to the store and pick up. About 40% of the population is now picking up in store over this duration. A year ago, we only had about 19% of consumers doing that.” Read more at NBC Dallas.

One Reply to “Even After Pandemic Retail, Shopping Trends May Change”

  1. Sorry Retail it’s time to go. Yes you will be missed but… everything revolves around choice and variety everyone added some good information and points here today look at your past, think about the uncertain presence and know that the future for open-minded shoppers can only soar. Choice and Passions for this market must return , can not beat a dead horse.

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