Everlane Is Thinking About Adding Stores

by MR Magazine Staff

“We have a quote in the New York Times that says we’ll shut the company down before we open up a retail store,” said Everlane CEO Michael Preysman on Thursday at the Fashion Tech Forum in Brooklyn, New York. The founder was joined on stage by designer Rebekka Bay to discuss their partnership and the future of Everlane — the online-only, direct-to-consumer brand known for its sleek, minimalist style and “radical transparency” approach to pricing. And while Preysman said the brand has successfully built a community through offline events while avoiding brick-and-mortar “with all its limitations,” he also cited Warby Parker’s stores and Amazon’s plans to open grocery stores as just a few examples of how the e-commerce world is evolving. “There is a set of customers that wants to touch product before they buy it, and that’s not something that we can change, no matter how much social media we do,” he said. “So we are thinking about it. We’re looking at it, and that’s all we can say at the moment.” Read more at Fashionista.