Everyone Laughed At Thom Browne’s Short Pants. Now They’ve Made Him Very Rich.

by MR Magazine Staff

As fashion week begins here and the industry turns its attention to spring 2019, the Barneys New York windows along Madison Avenue contain no clothes, no fancy housewares, no products at all. Instead, austere venetian blinds hang in the street-facing windows, clicked closed. That’s it. That’s the display, morning, noon and night: windows that you can’t see into. The absence of stuff is in celebration of Thom Browne, the contrarian American designer who over the life of his eponymous brand has refused to listen to conventional wisdom or, perhaps, even common sense — and has emerged victorious. His creative vision has remained undiluted. His brand’s point-of-view is remarkably clear. And the recent sale of a majority of his company for $500 million offers financial proof that consumers — men and millennials, in particular — may actually want something more than fancy sneakers and jeans. Read more at The Washington Post.