Ex-Nike Designer Marc Dolce Officially Starts At Adidas After A Lawsuit Between The Rivals

by MR Magazine Staff

Adidas continues its insane comeback today as one of the designers that jumped ship from Nike makes it official with the Three Stripes. In September of 2014 designers Marc Dolce, Mark Miner, and Denis Dekovic announced they were leaving Nike for Adidas. However, following their departure, Nike sued the trio, alleging that the designers were taking ideas to the brand’s biggest rival. “Some other allegations include that sensitive materials were copied off work computers (including an unreleased shoe made for a Nike sponsored athlete), the removal of sensitive work emails and text messages and the understanding that forthcoming Nike plans were shared with adidas despite the three still being employed by Nike,” Hypebeast reported in late 2014.

Now, after sitting on the bench as the brands litigated, Dolce has officially announced that he has taken the role of vice president and creative director Adidas. He posted the news on his Facebook page today. Read more at Esquire.