by Stephen Garner

This year we thought we’d try something a little different.

Today, MR is unveiling its first-ever digital interactive issue on the Ceros platform. What you’ll find is a new way of navigating through our content. Most of the navigation will be through small arrows on either side of the page, moving left to right through the book like you normally would in a traditional format. There are also larger feature stories where you will dive deeper into the topic by scrolling down – hint, the first one you will encounter is the “Retail Roundtable.”

Further, some articles will have additional pull quotes (seen when clicking on large “+” signs) and videos (highlighted with the “play” button symbol). Also, on the “Contents” page, each story is clickable so you can jump straight to it if you want to reach it quickly. Most of all, have fun with it. Let us know your feedback and if you’d like to see more projects like this.

Now on to the content. In this issue, hear from retailers as they discuss what’s working, what’s not, and what changes are needed now that we have moved into a new year. We also feature the vendor perspective in this issue as they admit their lessons learned from 2020 and how they plan to make a comeback this year.

Speaking of a comeback, don’t miss our feature highlighting the possible return of the denim industry. And, be on the lookout for our story exploring how social distancing rules have changed the outerwear market. Our Fashion section also pays tribute to some of the best outerwear of the season – including how to layer any type of coat with a well-tailored suit.

Plus, we dive into Joe Barrato’s life in the menswear industry, while Barry Wishnow shares his post-COVID view on clothing business.

To read the entire issue online, see below.

To view full screen, click here.


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