by Stephen Garner

eytysStockholm-based brand Eytys has opened its first London store on Thursday, September 6.

The new 1000-square-foot Soho space is influenced by Swedish 1960s brutalism and the playful postmodernism of the ’70s and ’80s. The starting point of the design process was archival images of Shiro Kuramata’s spaces for Issey Miyake in Japan in the early ’80s.

The monochrome taupe color scheme of the store is lit up by massive light tubes running across the ceiling, reminiscent of the facade of Centre Pompidou in Paris. The space was designed in-house by Eytys and features pieces from the founders Max Schiller and Jonathan Hirschfeld’s personal collections of work from Swedish progressive female artists.

The Eytys’ London flagship store is located on the corner of Brewer Street and Sherwood Street in Soho, and will feature the brand’s full collections of unisex footwear, jeans, and ready-to-wear.

”Like that perfect mixtape, the design of Eytys London store was about clashing our favorite periods of architectural design,” said Max Schiller, creative director of Eytys. “As we all know, the party playing both Talking Heads and Sean Paul is the best one.”