Facebook Reveals New Measurement Tools And Ad Options For Retailers

by MR Magazine Staff

With Facebook growing its advertising revenue 63 percent in the second quarter, the social giant is always looking for new ways to tailor ads to retailers and new measurement partners. Two announcements Tuesday and Wednesday are about expanding return on investment, while also making it easier for advertisers to measure that return. On Wednesday, Facebook announced five new measurement products with as many different partners. These are designed to allow marketers to work with the independent third parties they’re already familiar with, while Facebook addresses concerns that it has been a “walled garden” when it comes to data. The social network will partner with Nielsen Catalina Solutions to offer consumer packaged goods companies the ability to see the impact of Facebook and Instagram on in-store purchases. Oracle’s Lift API integration will look at how likely people are to buy a product if they have or haven’t seen an ad. Read more at CNBC.