Fashion After COVID-19: Could We Be On The Brink Of A More Mindful Fashion Industry?

Time is not a resource that a busy fashion-brand founder typically enjoys in quantity. But over the past months of lockdown, Kitri’s Haeni Kim realised that, even amid a precipitous sales slowdown, uncertainties about production and deliveries, and concerns about whether shoppers would ever feel motivated to buy new dresses again, she’d finally located the assets that can seem most elusive in ordinary times: space. Quiet. And a moment to breathe.  ‘We’ve just been going, going, going non-stop since our launch in 2017,’ Kim says of the London-based womenswear brand known for its midi-dresses and stylish suiting. ‘We haven’t had a chance to sit down or look at long-term strategy. In a way, it’s been quite useful to have this time to get off the hamster wheel and figure out what our next step is.’ Read more at The Telegraph.