Fashion Gets Its Own Version Of The Media Men List

by MR Magazine Staff

On Tuesday night, the fashion industry was presented with a “Blacklist” of photographers, agents, and stylists accused of sexual harassment and assault. Published by the anonymous Instagram account @ShitModelMgmt, the list is the fashion equivalent of the Shitty Media Men Google spreadsheet, which was created in October by Moira Donegan in an effort to protect women from predatory behavior. “The following list contains the names of people in the fashion industry that I SUGGEST models avoid,” reads the Blacklist’s introduction. “This is not a concrete list, it is only a strong suggestion based on solid information.” Names listed only once are considered a “warning” for models, however, names with an asterisk have been reported over three times and, in the opinion of the Blacklist’s author, should be “avoided at all cost.” Read more at The Cut.