Fashion Isn’t Just For Instagram: Inside The World Of High Fashion Twitter

by MR Magazine Staff

“I think I got reported,” Luke Meagher told me on the phone last week. “And I think I got reported by someone from High Fashion Twitter. Because they all don’t like me. I know that people were @’ing me in tweets when I was suspended, saying, ‘Thank god it’s dead,’ or whatever.” Meagher paused. “So there is low-key beef.” The “it” to which Meagher is referring is @hautelemode, which, until its suspension, was one of the defining voices of the Twitter subculture he mentioned: High Fashion Twitter, also known as hf twitter. (Even if it’s not grammatically correct, “hf twitter” is the preferred stylization on Twitter.) High Fashion Twitter is just what it sounds like: right now, across the platform, users with perverse portmanteau handles like @balenciogre, @jacquemuslut, and @diorcouturepoor are arguing about Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy, dressing down luxury world amateurs, talking about ethical design practices, and protecting the sanctity of Margiela Tabis at all costs. It is catty. It is authoritative. And it is at war. Read more at GQ.