The Fashion Revolution Will Be Digitized

by MR Magazine Staff

Fashion’s DNA: six monthly cycles of seasons showcasing clothes we’ll be wearing a year hence has been speed-evolving into some pretty weird and wonderful shapes of late. It’s as if fashion’s sense of itself since the 1970s with the birth of ready-to-wear has been grabbed by a bunch of avant-garde fashion students and reconfigured for the digital age. Purchasers of high end fashion now expect to buy clothes from their favorite designers straight from the runway, a feat of production and distribution cleverness kicked off by British luxury giant, Burberry. Tom Ford is following close behind. Ford says the ‘see now buy later’ model of fashion is, “an antiquated idea that no longer makes sense”. Neither of these houses showed their menswear at LCM—London Collections Men— last weekend as they had done for the past three years. Instead, they will be showing their men’s and womenswear simultaneously in September. The gravitational force of change from such industry giants, will inevitably lead the way for others to follow. Read more at Observer.