Fashion Snoops
by Stephen Garner
Fashion Snoops
Part of Fashion Snoops’ fall/winter 2018 forecast

Global creative agency Fashion Snoops will be holding a special all-day event next month dedicated to what’s coming up for fall/winter 2019 (yes, you read that correctly). Although it may seem early, product development and business decisions for fall ’19 will be here before you know it, so this is the perfect place to get ahead.

On Tuesday, May 8, at the WeWork Bryant Park space at 54 West 40th Street, Fashion Snoops will deliver an immersive conference broken into two parts: a foresight session in the morning devoted to cultural and color trends that will be important next fall; while the afternoon session will be all about the most important fashion trend stories to come for fall ’19.

Some surprises, like fragrance making on-site that speak to all four visionary trends for the season, will be taking place throughout the day. And, breakfast and lunch will be served.

“We hear time and time again that creative professionals and brands with whom we work like to dig as deep as possible when it comes to ‘what’s next?’ For that reason, we’ve developed these ‘Create Smarter’ events where merchants and designers can gather with hundreds of other people in the industry to hear from our team of experts about how we got to this point and where we’re headed,” said Michael Fisher, VP, Creative Director of Menswear at Fashion Snoops. “In addition to being inspired through our acclaimed mood movies and seasonal storytelling, the Trend Immersion day will include cultural connections, how to better work with color, and actionable plans for sellable product. There will also be plenty of surprises to keep you engaged, like being able to smell what each trend story would smell like through fragrance, and some really exciting live performances. It’s an amazing opportunity for teams to jumpstart the conversation for the seasons ahead.”

Important details you should know: space is limited to 120 people and Fashion Snoops members get a 50 percent discount on tickets.

For more information, or to register to attend, click here.