Fashion Week Is Wasteful, Exhausting And Disorganized — But Not Altogether Pointless

According to the people who attend it professionally, is fashion week pointless? That’s the question we sought out an answer for in our latest survey, prompted by what has felt like a growing disillusionment with the whole thing. Nearly 500 people working in the fashion industry, from editors to buyers to influencers, gave us their perspective on the biannual event. (If you participated, THANK YOU!) Looking solely at the numbers, respondents were divided. Asked how much they agree with the statement “Fashion week is pointless,” the biggest group of respondents, 36%, said they “somewhat agree,” while an only slightly smaller cohort of 33% said they “somewhat disagree.” On top of that, the majority of respondents — about 73% — said they personally enjoy fashion week, even if nearly the same amount said it took too much of their time and resources. Read more at Fashionista.