Fashion Will Survive. But Many Of The Designers At The Heart Of The Industry Might Not.

For small and medium-sized independent companies, those without a global footprint or bold-face notoriety, the struggle to survive can be especially lonely. To help those businesses — both design houses and retailers — Vogue and the Council of Fashion Designers of America have launched the fundraising initiative A Common Thread. Approximately $700,000 initially earmarked as prize money in an annual competition to nurture new designers has been redirected there. Ralph Lauren’s philanthropic foundation contributed $1 million. Designer Gabriela Hearst chipped in $20,000. And others with connections to the industry have offered financial help. But much of the outreach — online video messages from designers, email blasts from Vogue editor Anna Wintour, social media posts — has been focused on asking the public to help keep fashion afloat. Similar community pleas have come from the restaurant industry. And in many ways, these small fashion firms are akin to the chef-owned restaurants that give character to neighborhoods — and the food world, in general — and make them vibrant. Read more at The Washington Post.