Fashion’s Experts On What To Wear When Working From Home

When you work in an office there are rules. There is structure. You wear clean shirts and smart trousers and nice shoes because people are looking at you and, if you turn up in running shorts, pool sliders and a t-shirt from the ‘Tequila University’, your boss will call you into a meeting room and say, “Don’t do that, this is an office. There are rules here.” And they’d be right. But at home, where your bed is your office? At home your wardrobe can feel like the endless sea, a Nietzschean abyss. Every morning, I stare at my clothes and my clothes stared back. What do I do with these trousers again? Turns out that, despite being a fashion professional, in the absence of professional obligations, my daily uniform swiftly becomes deeply unprofessional. See more at Esquire.