Fashion’s Future May Rest On An Old Technology

by MR Magazine Staff

When the models in the Dyne Fashion Week show hit the runway last month, they each strutted with a secret that may come as a surprise to fans of the three-year-old streetwear label. There was something different in the bomber jackets, extra-long windbreakers, and t-shirts with laser-cut perforations. They were Sewfree—fabricated and adorned using, essentially, glue. No thread stitches—not on the pockets, not along the seams. The use of adhesive gives the clothes smoother lines, a lighter feel, and a sportier look, says Dyne founder Christopher Bevans, who has designed for Rocawear, Nike, and Kanye West. “We treat life as a sport,” Bevans says. “Our goal is to push the limits of fashion as it meets technology.” As an added bonus, the adhesive can be used to create design on top of the garments. Throughout the Dyne show, models came out in pieces covered in striking florescent tape. “We’re experimenting with all the uses of adhesives,” Bevans says. “We’re only just getting started.” Read more at Fast Company.