by Stephen Garner

At a time when specific circumstances push us to create in alternative ways such as computer-generated animations, Filling Pieces presented its spring/summer 2021 collection with a physical pre-recorded runway show.

After months of reduced physical interaction and social distancing, human connection is a luxury in demand. In the images from the video, spaces, and perspectives become confused, contradictory, and transformational thanks to the use of the opaque, flowing drapes. Models fuse with ‘worlds within worlds’, symbolizing the shift to a new state of mind.

The Amsterdam-based brand’s spring/summer 2021 collection, dubbed “Support,” is designed with the intention of reuniting and strengthening the collective bond we have as people, finding unity in diversity. There are lots of subtle details throughout the collection, symbolic of the theme including the crowd print and the handshake – one of the new signature logos of Filling Pieces.

Although most of the pieces are designed with a unisex approach, the spring/summer 2021 collection introduces a more feminine focus across footwear, ready-to-wear, eyewear, bags, and accessories.  

“What makes Filling Pieces and our founder successful is the support you receive from your family and friends and brands you associate with,” said Dieylane Cisse, ready-to-wear designer at Filling Pieces. “Supporting your local network and giving them the strength to progress and grow up together is why the theme ‘Support’ fits so perfectly with the values of Guillaume and the company.”