Fire In Your Belly: The Return Of Men’s Crop Tops

With Donald Trump attempting to cut funds from the US Postal Service to suppress postal votes ahead of the November election, fashion is fighting back. A £15 ($20) long-sleeved crop top featuring the image of five envelopes outlined in different colours from the USPS online store became a coveted item, selling out over the weekend. “I bought the crop top because I love the retro style,” says Jay M. a digital artist who purchased one, “and (it) promotes body positivity in men. I guess the subversive element is an added bonus.” Its popularity prompted the question: when is an item of clothing for men and when is it for women? The cut of the crop top, with its stomach-revealing length, suggests youth, confidence and sexual vitality. But, as both a symbol of body-positive queer culture (see the Queer Eye cast and Lil Nas X) and all-American jockism, it is also a piece of clothing whose ability to annoy and subvert shows no sign of stopping soon. Read more at The Guardian.

One Reply to “Fire In Your Belly: The Return Of Men’s Crop Tops”

  1. This is Great and I love the Postal Print!!!
    The Crop Top or Shimmel Shirt was hugely popular for men in the 1970’s into the 1980’s and then seemed to fade away. I sold tons of them in short sleeve and in sleeveless [muscle shirts]. When I was buying for the Military, I bought several special orders of Shimmel Shirts and they sold out every time. Unfortunately, the powers that be on Base at that time did not think they fit the dress code, so I had to stop buying them. In the same vein, I almost had to stop buying tank tops for the Base when the powers that be at the time once again thought that it was just too casual a look for casual wear on board Base. I replaced tank tops with Muscle Shirts and always sold through. Also, for the longest time, I could not buy tees and fleece with skull prints as the Base Chaplin thought the look was too demoralizing for the men. I had a young demographic of Marines ranging from age 18 to 24, but I could not sell one of the nation’s most popular looks — skull prints. We finally got a Commanding General who saw things differently and suddenly skull prints and tank tops were approved for casual wear.

    I always loved crop tops for men, and I hope they make a BIG Come Back — young guys love them!

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