Fitzgerald Named Dussault Apparel President

by MR Magazine Staff

NEW YORK – Terry Fitzgerald, previously president and chief operating officer of Todd McFarlane Entertainment, has joined Dussault Apparel as president and director.

Jason Dussault, founder, designer and director of the firm which bears his surname, first collaborated with Fitzgerald one year ago when McFarlane developed the comic book character Deuce the Destroyer based on Dussault himself. Dussault is based in Vancouver, Canada, and its stock is traded over the counter.

Dussault had been a subsidiary of an online automobile leasing company, Release Your Lease. Dussault was merged into Release earlier this month and the corporate named changed to Dussault Apparel to reflect its new focus on apparel.

“Terry has not only the experience but also the attention to detail that it takes to propel our company to the heights I know we can achieve,” Dussault said. “His proven track record in management and negotiation speaks for itself. With the marriage of our highly acclaimed designs and our new avenues of distribution, Dussault is primed for the spotlight.”

Fitzgerald held his most recent position for eight years, during which he was involved in all aspects of McFarlane’s expansion from small comic book producer to a group of companies involved in toys, licensing and media production. He personally oversaw the development and production of feature films, television series and music videos. He’s won two Emmy Awards, one Grammy Award and two MTV Music Video Awards.

Referring to McFarlane’s expansion, Fitzgerald stated, “In Jason, I see the same drive, energy, creative inventiveness and determination to own the world. To have the opportunity to build another dynasty from the ground up is very exciting to me.

“I have no doubt we will have Dussault stores in all the major metro areas around the world, and our clothing on the truly fashion conscious,” he concluded.

In a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Dussault disclosed that Fitzgerald will receive a salary of $340,000 as well as 1,972,000 shares of restricted common stock. Dussault’s board currently consists of Dussault and Fitzgerald.