Five Fashion Trends From “Billionaire Summer Camp”

by MR Magazine Staff

This past week marked the 36th year of the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference, where “power players” and “media moguls” gather in Idaho to “move” and “shake.” The conference, which draws everyone from Jeff Bezos and Murdoch offspring to sports team honchos and elite TV newsmen, is popularly described as “billionaire summer camp.” The wigs, in other words, are truly big. What happens at the Sun Valley conference? According to Variety: deals. “One participant noted that [the] mood of the conference has changed in the past five years or so with more of an emphasis on scheduling meetings in advance rather than the chance encounters and ‘what if’ conversations that sparked mega-deals such as Disney’s 1996 acquisition of ABC and the doomed 2001 union of Time Warner and AOL,” the site reported last week. In other words, attendees used to wander around until they sort of bumped into someone (or something?) and then made some sort of huge financial agreement that probably had bizarre repercussions for our economy and contributed to the increasing homogeneity of culture, to say nothing of wealth inequality. Now they do that, but with slightly more rigorous scheduling. Read more at GQ.