Five Fits With: Custom Clothing Expert Jonathan Sigmon

Alan Flusser Custom, named for the brand’s founder and original owner, is a powerhouse of American tailoring, and it’s a timeless New York institution. You can google Alan to read about his accolades, but the focus of this week’s installment is Jonathan Sigmon, the current owner. He wears every single hat one can wear in a tailoring business, short of altering garments with his own hands. The brand was a client of mine for quite a few years, and so Jon and I got to know each other well. (He also made my tuxedo for my wedding.) Frankly, I think he’s one of the most impeccable dressers in New York City. Naturally, he has a wealth of knowledge on how men should dress and look based on things as simple as their age and figure, to details as seemingly innocuous as eye color and posture. Read more at Esquire