The Flashier, Swaggier Way To Dress This Summer

by MR Magazine Staff

Yeah, we know Brooklyn rules and Manhattan is the center of the cosmos. But lately the borough everyone’s talking about is the fastly changing Bronx. We asked the biggest star in Latin music, Bronx-born héroe favorito Romeo Santos, to take us on a tour, dressed for a city on the move. “Even when I’m not performing,” Santos says, “I think people look at me different when they see I’m dressed well. They pay attention. They know I’m about something.” Between songs, a wildly famous singer introduces himself to a young woman in the front row. Her boyfriend is standing next to her. The singer shakes the boyfriend’s hand and asks him to turn around, and the boyfriend complies. The singer steps off the stage, takes the woman’s head in his hands, and plants a fat kiss right on her lips. The crowd loses its collective mind. This is not the first time Anthony “Romeo” Santos—arguably the biggest Latin pop star working right now—has pulled this move. In fact, romancing the women in the audience is an integral part of his act. But the Latin-lover shtick ends when he walks offstage. “I’ve always been extremely shy,” Santos says in his hoarse Bronx bro-speak—the opposite of the satin tenor in his songs. “I think that’s how it all began: realizing I’m not going to be able to pull this off with my real personality.” See more at GQ.