For Some Menswear Enthusiasts, Rare Furniture Is As Covetable As Sneakers Or Supreme

by MR Magazine Staff

On the Instagram account for Lichen, a homewares and design store in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, it’s not unusual to see the latest white-hot Nike sneakers photographed next to 1950s-era Herman Miller chairs. The personal feed of Lichen co-founder Jared Blake, a former fashion stylist, reveals a similar juxtaposition. One image displays well-worn sneakers made by the upscale brand Common Projects, the next of a perfectly aged mid-century Danish sofa, then a tote bag from in-the-know Japanese label Engineered Garments, and so on. This exact combination — vintage furniture and sought-after menswear — speaks to a shift within a particular subculture of style-conscious men. Devotees of rare streetwear and sneakers, former prodigal children of the #menswear blogging movement who once lusted almost exclusively after clothes and shoes, anxiously awaiting every drop, have fallen under the spell of timeless furniture and boutique home goods. Read more at Fashionista.