Forget Ambien. Maybe Performance Sleepwear Will Get You A Good Night’s Sleep

by MR Magazine Staff

Like clockwork, right when department stores start to display enormous Christmas trees and red poinsettias to get shoppers in the holiday mood, they also begin to put out stacks of neatly folded two-piece pajama sets. Most will be made of flannel. There will almost certainly be a Santa or Rudolph motif in the mix. And come the summer, these pajamas will have totally lost their charm. This is unfortunate, because the vast majority of pajamas worn in the U.S. are purchased during the holidays. The market research firm NPD says that for the last four years, 17% of annual sleepwear transactions occur across the first three quarters and then shoot up to 50% during the last quarter. This would indicate that a lot of sleepwear is purchased for gift giving during the holidays, which makes sense: Pajamas are cheery, practical, cozy, and perhaps most importantly, since they aren’t worn in public, they don’t need to reflect the wearer’s taste. They don’t even have to fit all that well. Read more at Fast Company.