Four Examples Of Retail Brands Killing It With Content

by MR Magazine Staff

As more and more retail brands and department store giants close shop and reduce locations this year, the rest of the retail industry is scrambling. They’ve got to find ways tp unlock the keys to survival and growth. Needless to say, retail isn’t what it used to be 50, 20, or even 10 years ago. Trends and shopping behaviors have changed dramatically. New technology has been introduced, and there are more competitors in the market than ever before. The playing field has been leveled. To compete and grow, retailers have to work harder than ever to reach, attract, and engage with shoppers online. But how do you do it? Having a website and an active presence on social media sites used to help, but it’s not enough anymore. Today, it’s all about using content to build community, provide value, and establish trust with your customers and target audience. See more at Entrepreneur.