by Stephen Garner

2FX5-4001 RED 600 - CLUB BOX SETCurated by a team of stylists, Four In Hand brings men the luxury of purchasing their accessory essentials in just on bundle. Each box is carefully constructed to suit the diverse personalities and styles of guys today. Each collection contains a variety of options such as a necktie or bowtie; pocket square, lapel pin, money clip and socks.

MR recently caught up with Four In Hand founder Danielle Mandelbaum to get some insight into her decision to launch this new box concept.

Q: What inspired you to come up with this accessory box concept?

A: In 2012, we launched Bespoke Fashions, an accessories company that produces via third party licenses and private label. Through our wholesale partnerships, we discovered there was a niche in the market for men’s accessories. Men deserve an all-in-one bundle of accessories in order to combat the hassle of pairing pieces together without having to go to multiple stores. Four In Hand is designed for the man who wants to look good while wearing quality accessories at a great price.

Q: I see on your website that you sell at Macy’s, why did you choose to partner with them?

A: It is America’s department store and we felt it was the best channel to get our product to the most people. And right now, all 16 styles of Four In Hand are exclusively available for purchase at

Q: When will you offer your own e-commerce platform?

A: Four In Hand will offer e-commerce at the end of the year. Unlike other style box initiatives, we are a true retail product. There is no need to become involved in a monthly program or subscription.

2FX5-4001 RED 600 OUT OF BOX