Four Trends Driving Retail Technology Today

How we shop and what we buy is changing. Store closures of established department stores or the sudden successes of new direct to consumer brands often feature in the press, but less attention has been paid to what lies under the hood. The technologies upholding the way we shop and what we buy are seeing unprecedented levels of investment, making retail technology a space full of creative destruction. According to a report by Nauta Capital, a European venture fund, and Dealroom, a deal tracking company, Europe’s retail technology companies have received over €7 billion in investment and reached a combined valuation of almost €90 billion between 2015 and 2019. However, retail tech is not an easy sector to succeed in. Not only do the entrepreneurs and investors in this space have to make great technology products, but they also need to work with companies that are often slow to adapt to digitalization. Read more at Forbes.