In The Future, Your Clothes Will Tell The Washing Machine How To Clean Them

by MR Magazine Staff

Wearable technology is nothing new – activity trackers and smartwatches are now as ubiquitous as trainers and glasses. But what if it could soon be our clothing itself that has internet connectability? In the not too distant future, it’s highly likely that our clothes will be almost as smart as our phones. Given we’ve survived just fine for millennia with the clothes we have now, you might be wondering what the point of connected clothing would be. Well, imagine if when you put a jacket in the washing machine, a chip in the jacket automatically puts the machine on the right laundry setting, making life just that little bit easier. Another function of scannable chips in clothing could be the ability to find out more information about the product, such as how it was designed, its sustainability and even a playlist made by the brand. Read more at The Independent.