by Stephen Garner

HyperX, the gaming division of Kingston Technology, has launched its first apparel collection, featuring Champion Athleticwear. Designed by HyperX and manufactured in collaboration with Champion Athleticwear, the company’s new “GG Collection” is intended to provide gamers a new way to display their passion.

The new GG Collection took its inspiration from the common term of encouragement, “Good Game,” which gamers often use as a mark of good sportsmanship and acknowledgment of fun after a competitive match. The clean, minimalistic design of the new GG Collection was crafted to provide fans with a stylish and functional way to proudly showcase their HyperX fandom while expressing a message of respect and positivity.

“We are excited to announce HyperX’s first apparel release with the introduction of the HyperX GG Collection,” said Stephanie Winkler, strategic marketing manager at HyperX. “We wanted to offer HyperX fans an accessible line of clothing and accessories that allow them to express themselves and their passion.”

The GG Collection features diverse apparel selections, including a hoodie based on the Champion Powerblend hoodie design, a classic 100 percent cotton tee, a stretch fit hat, a stretch fit flat bill hat, and a matching face mask. The collection is available in a range of colors synonymous with the HyperX brand and available in many sizes.

The HyperX Apparel – GG Collection is available exclusively in the U.S. through HyperX’s online shop.