Gap Envisions A Future With Augmented-Reality ‘Dressing Rooms’

by MR Magazine Staff

Fashion brands know experimenting with tech is imperative, whether it be to enhance the retail experience or introduce fans to the concept of virtual reality. For Gap Inc., which, in addition to its eponymous label owns Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta and Intermix, technology has never played a major role in its business strategy. But as the company struggles with declining sales, it’s trying to find creative ways to engage with customers. That’s where Gap’s “DressingRoom” app will come in when it launches in the coming days. The application, built in collaboration with Google and San Francisco-based startup Avametric, uses augmented reality to let shoppers “try on” clothes without having to step into a store. After you add information such as her height and weight, DressingRoom places a virtual 3D model in front of you and lets you see how different items would fit. If you like the way a garment looks on you, or at least looks on the mannequin based on your measurements, you can purchase it directly from the app. While retailers have been experimenting with virtual try-ons for years, Gap is among the first to add an AR twist to the idea. Read more at Engadget.