George Zimmer Suits Up For Battle

by MR Magazine Staff

When George Zimmer guarantees something, he means it. No poorly tailored suits leaving his stores. No ill-fitted mergers destroying his former company.The founder of Men’s Wearhouse — who famously signed off the suitmaker’s TV commercials with, “You’re gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it” — is still deeply attached to the business despite being booted from it in 2013, a story for Inc. magazine’s June issue reveals. This is good news for some gravely disappointed shareholders who hate the way the company looks now. As the stock has cratered, Zimmer tells Inc. that he’s “been talking with private equity groups about trying to buy back Men’s Wearhouse.” Read more at Bloomberg.

One Reply to “George Zimmer Suits Up For Battle”

  1. George Zimmer,
    I do commend you on your success with Mens Wearhouse
    However George, once Joseph A Bank is rebranded and follows a marketing
    strategy that “uplifts” the persona of the brand the shareholders will smile again.
    Doug Ewert and his team will see to that………I am sure if Joe Abbouds taste level is
    utilized……….Joseph A Bank is a heritage brand that will attract men of ALL ages
    that want classic clothes in good taste……..
    Alan Zaitz,
    VP..Graj + Gustavsen

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