Georgia Gives Retail A Glimpse Of What Reopening The Economy Will Look Like

Retailers are closely watching the consumer reaction in Georgia, as it is among the first states to begin a phased reopening of its economy. Salons, gyms and tattoo parlors were given permission by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp to reopen last Friday, followed by movie theaters and restaurants on Monday. While health officials and governments are closely monitoring developments in areas that are reopening, so are retailers. The country’s nonessential store retail sector has been closed a month or more for the first time in history. It is impossible to know how consumers will react to a new normal, if they come back to shop, and how habits might have changed. Retailers such as those that sell apparel and other nonessential goods have not yet been given the go-ahead to reopen in the Peach State, and when authorities lift closures, it remains to be seen which retailers will choose to immediately reopen. Read more at CNBC.