How To Get Rid Of Stains On Your Favorite Gear

by MR Magazine Staff

They hit you on your way to work. They ruin a perfectly good breakfast. They’re the cause of embarrassment at a business lunch and a Tinder date dinner. And their timing is impeccable: if you’ve got a job interview at 10 AM, you’re guaranteed to spill a smoothie directly on your crotch at 9:45. We’re talking of course about stains, the things that go splat on your best clothes and threaten to bench your favorite pieces, like say a favorite crisp white Thom Browne oxford, for good. Of course, there are as many ways to clean a stain as there are types of stains out there. But you don’t need every fix—you just need the solves for the outfit-ruiners you encounter most. That’s why we’ve zeroed in on these five stains and the steps you need to take to combat them quickly and efficiently (before giving up and handing things over to a professional). Here’s how to get rid of stains on your go-to closet staples. Read more at GQ.