Giorgio Armani On Billionaire Bashing, Throwaway Culture – And Choosing His Successor

by MR Magazine Staff

Giorgio Armani has yet to arrive for our interview, in his office in Milan, but already I am caught in his steely gaze. Five portraits of the designer hang from the walls; five pairs of ice-blue eyes staring intensely. In one almost life-sized Aaron Shikler oil painting, his arms are crossed, his biceps visibly sculpted. In another, an Andy Warhol screen print, he is suited and slick-haired, the epitome of the 1980s power-dressing aesthetic he created. The imposing decor adds to the sense of occasion as I wait, with two of his team, for the 85-year-old to arrive. I am shown to the seat opposite Armani’s empty leather chair. Then the man himself – a little shorter and whiter-haired than the Masters of the Universe vibe might suggest – pops his head around the door. Read more at The Guardian.