Giving Guys What They Need

by Elise Diamantini

Matt AlexanderNeed is an e-commerce site ( that does things a little differently. They sell a collection of about 10 to 12 products that change every month. So instead of selling 12 blazers, Need sells the one blazer that they think guys really, well…need. “A lot of people were very apprehensive in the early days,” says London-born, Dallas-based founder, Matt Alexander. “The idea of selling 10 products a month is kind of weird, but most guys don’t like to shop, and a lot of that comes from the anxiety of not knowing where to go or what to buy.” So every month, Need shows guys the 10 products (apparel, magazines, coffee, etc.) that they believe guys must have. And then explains why through their editorialized product copy.


Need-ecommerceWe learned about the new company at New York Men’s Day’s spring 2015 presentations. Need teamed up with some of the designers showing at NYMD on a pre-sale of their spring 2015 collections. Consumers were able to access 16 pieces from these designers’ collections before they hit stores.

Need believes in selling all goods at full price for a limited time. “We want to bring dignity back to the space,” says Alexander. For example, in November, Need launched its One Year Anniversary sale featuring products from brands like Filson, Noble Denim, Happy Socks, Hello Barber and Ministry of Supply. What’s next for Need? Localizing the site for cities like Dallas, London and New York. Alexander explains the strategy, “We want to provide really good editorial and product that’s relevant to these local markets, and become a fashion hub for good journalism and commmerce.”