by John Russel Jones

Finding the right balance between sustainability and style can be a challenge, but it’s one that leading Italian luxury sportswear brand, Chervò has been working towards since 1982. The brand’s high-tech fabrics, paired with refined details and casual elegance, make for unmistakable style.

“Chervò®-TEX epitomizes our philosophy of creativity and innovative manufacturing: this seal represents high-performance garments with sophisticated designs, made from premium raw material,” says Creative Director and Co-Founder Peter Erlacher.

Chervò has several patented technologies found exclusively in its collections. Happy Goose, for example, is a 100% synthetic and ecological “down,” that is created with light-weight synthetic flakes, providing features comparable to down filling, while being ecological and cruelty-free. Bio-based Dry Matic® and Bio-based Sunblock® are eco-friendly light-weight fabrics, made with a fibre of vegetable origin that is highly durable and helps to improve thermoregulation, protect against UV-Rays, and provide odor control.

Chervò also has exclusive certified sealed Eco-Safe garments, guaranteeing that production is made from fibers subject to a rigorous lifecycle impact assessment that determines the effect on the environment, and considers the consumption of resources.

Chervò plans to continue developing garments with high-performance functions, details, and sustainable values as its main focus for the future.