Google Works With Shopify To Spur Commerce, Retail Ad Spending

by MR Magazine Staff

Shopping ads have become a powerful sales spigot for Alphabet Inc.’s Google. So the company is doubling down on them, launching a new tool designed to draw even more spending from e-commerce businesses and drive offline sales. With the new feature, Google will make it easier for retailers to run ads for consumer products, like sneakers and speakers, on several popular Google services. And marketers will be able to buy these Google ads directly through Shopify Inc., another integration between the two companies that are facing a looming threat from Inc. Google’s commerce tool is one of four new ad products the search giant introduced Tuesday. Each centers on automating the ad-buying process. The tools are also designed to cement a central marketing portal for all things Google. With the retail feature, for instance, marketers can set certain business goals, such as acquiring new customers or driving foot traffic to stores, then spray ads efficiently on Google search, Maps, YouTube and across the web. Read more at Bloomberg.