Google’s ‘Window Wonderland’ Brings New York’s Holiday Retail Extravaganzas To The Web

by MR Magazine Staff

The holiday windows at Macy’s—and many other Manhattan retail giants—remain a powerful way to grab the attention of New Yorkers and tourists alike. It’s just that they long ago morphed from a novelty into an institution. For 2016, however, the tradition has a twist that makes it new all over again. Over five days in November, Google shot high-res imagery of the windows at 18 major New York stores. Then it smooshed them into a fluid, engaging experience you can peruse in a web browser, on a smartphone or tablet, or via a VR headset. This isn’t the first time that the company has put holiday store windows on the web. In 2014, its Maps group digitized them in a manner similar to its Street View feature. This year’s take on the idea—dubbed “Window Wonderland”—was created by Google’s Art, Copy & Code team, part of the company’s marketing organization. Read more at Fast Company.