Grailed Is Selling Off 100 Of The Rarest Menswear Gems Of All Time

by MR Magazine Staff

If you’ve got a hardcore menswear fan in your life—the kind of guy who will spend Saturday mornings scooping up the latest limited-edition sneakers and who owns multiple things from our “25 Most Hyped Pieces in Menswear Right Now”—then chances are he uses Grailed. The site is, in simplistic terms, eBay for men’s fashion obsessives. If you want a Supreme tee from 2003 or some Rick Owens pants on the low, Grailed is the most likely destination on the Internet to have them. And if you need some extra scratch to buy those Rick Owens pants, there’s thousands of customers on Grailed daily willing to buy your once-loved garments. (Though, as any peer-to-peer site goes, aggressive negotiating comes with the territory.) Here, the Grailed team shares an exclusive lookbook with GQ Style that shows off some of the best this year’s 100 has to offer. See more at GQ Style.