Gucci’s Latest Menswear Collection Is A Whole Lot Of WTF…In A Good Way

by MR Magazine Staff

Gucci is synonymous with pushing the boundaries of fashion design and their latest Roman Rhapsody campaign from the Cruise 2018 Collection is a true testament of this. After releasing their Fall/Winter 2017 men’s campaign which needs to be seen to be believed, the Italian fashion house has hit us with their latest eclectic pieces which will no doubt polarise many and send others to ponder exactly “WTF is going on here?” Dazzling prints, audacious details and gender fluid pieces all form part of Gucci’s push to re-invent opulence in a new era. Naturally, this is all in the good name of being a pioneering label and Gucci has proven time and again that it is capable of doing this with its eclectic designs that shock without alienating its consumers – these consumers in the real world are often the ones who embrace the pieces later on, paring them down with their other wardrobe pieces for a unique look. Read more at D’Marge.