Guys in Spring Ties

by Karen Alberg Grossman

The event was last week’s meeting of the Men’s Dress Furnishings Association at the Harmonie Club in Manhattan so of course the guys who showed up for MDFA’s intriguing breakfast seminar were looking fabulous in the latest suits, shirts and ties.

Getting tons of compliments, especially from women,
fresh-looking pastel ties as worn by Jerry Andersen
of MDFA, Joseph DeAcetis of Playboy magazine
and Lee Terrill of PVH.

And while I don’t mean to play favorites, I must confess that it was the pastel ties (worn by about a third of the group) that really melted my heart. Perhaps because it takes a real man to wear lavender or perhaps because these beautifully colored neckties (many in paisleys, updated florals or tiny conversationals) seemed the first real precursor of spring.

Whatever, it got me thinking that if retailers were to aggressively promote a fresh color story each season, guys might find a legitimate reason to buy new ties. (If not, I guarantee the women in their lives will scoop them up.) Just make sure to segment them on the selling floor and maybe even run ad or two, touting the power of pastels.