by John Russel Jones

Hanes introduces its new X-Temp Total Support Pouch with cooling fabric and breathable mesh panels for perfect separation and support, and is also launching a new commercial, “Stay Cool. Stay Supported,” seeing the return of Hans, the Ball-ance guru.

The X-Temp technology is designed to adapt to a man’s temperature and activity to keep him cool throughout the day. This latest innovation in Total Support Pouch men’s underwear features quick-drying moisture-wicking performance fabric that keeps guys cool and dry, with breathable mesh panels to provide perfect separation and support.

“This new addition of X-Temp technology to Hanes Total Support Pouch boxer briefs raises the bar on innovation and offers the ultimate supportive men’s underwear with cooling benefits,” said Nadine Hall, U.S. men’s underwear lead at HanesBrands. “Comfort is at the heart of our brand, and by combining X-Temp technology with the Total Support Pouch design, we will keep guys comfortable, cool, and supported, one pair of underwear at a time.”

The new product outperformed the competition in wear tests on overall comfort, best fit, breathability, and durability. The study conducted by Hanes also found that 3 out of 5 men said they would replace their current boxer brief with the Hanes Total Support Pouch. In addition, men who wore the Hanes Total Support Pouch while exercising rated it significantly higher than the competition for exercise wear. In fact, 96% of those men said the boxer brief provided the support they needed for exercising.

The television campaign sees Tony Cavalero reprising his role as Ball-ance guru Hans, keeping his Zen attitude and focus on the comfort of Hanes— all while making friends with a camel and meerkat. In the new commercial, we meet Hans in the desert, feeling the heat as he journeys through a sandstorm. He quickly finds a cooling, hidden oasis with X-Temp at the center. It’s a haven that offers the cooling X-Temp technology with the separation and support of the Total Support Pouch. The full campaign will also be supported via social and digital media as well as through activations at retailers nationwide.

The new commercial will launch during the first round of the NBA Playoffs on ESPN, ABC, and TNT.

The X-Temp Total Support Pouch is on shelves now at major retailers and available directly to consumers through Hanes.com and retailer websites and is offered in various styles including Boxer Brief, Trunk, and Long Leg Boxer Brief, retailing for $42 retail for a four-pack (currently marked down to $30).