by Stephen Garner

Drywall Studio, a new artist-first venture, has announced a collaborative capsule collection with acclaimed conceptual artist Hank Willis Thomas. Leveraging powerful original works from the artist’s thought-provoking oeuvre, the derivative 17-piece — exclusively on drywalldesignstore.com. This release will also serve as the formal debut of Drywall Studio’s e-commerce marketplace.

Co-developed in 2019 by Sky Gellatly, CEO of the creative agency and artist management firm ICNCLST/, and Nick Tershay, founder and owner of Los Angeles-based skatewear brand Diamond Supply Company, Drywall Studio’s goal is to provide artists with a one-stop partner in the design, creation, distribution and web commerce of apparel, accessories, and objects. The company’s co-founders include Gellatly and Tershay, as well as iconic artist FUTURA2000, storied creative/design director Paul Mittleman, and marketing polymath Shafik Kadi.

“We are incredibly proud and humbled to launch Drywall’s web commerce business with Hank Willis Thomas,” said Gellatly. “Hank is one of the most powerful artists of our generation, and we are dedicated to empowering his vision—while simultaneously driving increased awareness and discovery for everything that he stands for.”

The collaboration will see a limited-edition launch of co-branded apparel and skateboard decks along with magnets, pins, postcards and a coffee mug emblazoned with Thomas’ iconic pieces of art, including the piece “ALL LI ES MATTER.”

“It seems so obvious that many people are lying when they say ‘all lives matter,” says Thomas. “If you believe all lives matter, then you’d also acknowledge that Black lives matter, and those same people would be marching alongside if they believed that.”

The collection is rooted in Drywall Studio and Thomas’ shared belief for social justice and reform. All proceeds from the STAY BLACK AND LIVE shirt will support the Incarceration Nations Network, a global coalition of prison reformers and justice workers that works to amplify and support justice reimagining worldwide and change the narrative about mass incarceration across national borders.

The Drywall-Studio-produced Hank Willis Thomas collection includes one hoodie, five t-shirts, four skateboard decks, three magnets, two postcards, one pin, and one coffee mug, ranging in price between $3 and $225.